Data Fever
Ephemeral Realism, Eternal Reverie

Can data be forgotten? Does data die? Data Fever is an experimental project that aims to disrupt the normality ties around data. Data has been held as a neutral, intangible perpetual entity which seems to be immune to the power of time. Through research, writing, and making, Data Fever sets out to destabilize the assumption and give form to data’s subjectivity, materiality, and ephemerality. Data Fever wishes to provoke questions and creates space for conversations.

Rollercoaster Lyric Video

Motion graphics designed for Lauran Hibberd‘s song Rollercoaster. 

Ponder and Forget Not

The project began with a simple question: what exactly is cultural identity? The visual language fomulated through identify visual artifacts, symbols, and colours. The challenge is determining how to contextualize a topic that is fundamentally collective and evolving.

A bilingual (English and Mandarin) editorial design that investigates the complex formation of Chinese Cultural Identity. The project looks at cultural identity through the eyes of Han Chinese people. Visual ethnography, performative alternative archives, historic surveys, and in-depth interviews are used to investigate the subject.

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Vote For Your Future

This is an interactive poster encouraging people to vote. The center portrait is a collage showing random portions of 2020 presidential candidates’ photos. Mr. Trump’s headshot would appear and gradually fill up the screen unless there are a user's cursor action's detected.

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Forbes 2021 Best Employers For Women

Art direction for Forbes
Illustration By Cristiana Couceiro

The Ultimate Trash Bible

How to visualize the iconic New York tradition: stooping? For a huge, ever-updating dataset, what kinds of data is avaliable? As for design, what format is appropriate for communicating the insight and document this ephemeral events?

A loose bind publication that constructs narrative based on transportation, location, and item category. The book is open for re-organization and interpretation to create your narrative for the dataset.

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